Monday, 28 June 2010

Best health products review: Welcome to my best health products review blog

Best health products review: Welcome to my best health products review blog

Can You Read This Without Your Glasses Or Contacts?

Can You Read This Without Glasses Or Contact Lenses?

If your answer is yes then you are lucky!

If your truthful answer is no, please read on.

Do you realise that your dependence on vision correction prescribed by your optician is actually making your sight worse!

Would you want a life without corrective eye-wear if it were possible?

Dr.Bates used to be an optician until the defining moment he realised that people who lived in remote jungle locations, never suffered from poor vision.

Careful research by Dr.Bates also looked at the fact that children rarely need glasses until the ophthalmic services decide they need them.

Did you know that our ancient ancestors rarely if ever suffered from poor vision?

It is a proven fact that, if you have any sight at all,you can reverse poor vision and regain 20-20 vision and, keep it forever.

I did not know about these amazingly simple methods of regaining my youthful un-corrected vision until, I researched this method.

I was so amazed that I have just ordered this system for myself because I am so sick of losing my glasses or, not being able to find them when I need them.

If this strikes a chord with you too then you need to see this.

This scientifically proven method by Dr.William H. Bates gives clear simple step by step instructions that have benefitted thousands like us, who feel the compulsion to only read wearing some form of eye correction.

This is by far the most compelling information I have ever seen for sight restoration and,you owe it to yourself to see this for yourself today.

Think of what you could do with 20-20 vision and the money you would save using a natural way instead of eye surgery or, a life dependant on glasses you really don't need!

Think what it would save you in glasses for the rest of your life, and the steady deterioration in your vision as you get older!

Go and see this today! Have a great life from me. Eric

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Friday, 25 June 2010

Here is that link again for those that requested it

For those of you that are only interested in my main post on weight loss here is a click link for the product I usedClick Here!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Amazing Books For the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Ok I recently wrote about the amazing power we all take for granted.

Put simply we walk around with more power in our brains than even the largest super computer in the world.

Better still is our ability to make informed choices about where we are going with our lives.This is fine for the day to day drudgery of life. But, do you want more?

Some years ago I worked in an insurance company and, the MD would put on his motivational thought for the day,  supplied then on 7" vinyl singles, seems a lifetime ago now.

These I found out years later were by the world reknowned motivational speaker, the legendary Earl Nightingale.

The MD explained these positive thoughts were crucial to our sales efforts,all I will say is he understood the power of positive thought and it certainly worked for him!!

At that time I must admit that I looked on all this with great suspicion-------------brainwashing I believe I called it at the time.

Many years on I now see it for what it is, the keys to the future you truly want.

There have always been two distinct parts to our minds the conscious and the subconscious.

A battle rages between the two because whatever we believe on the conscious level is always denied by our inner mind which, detests any change in the status quo of everyday humdrum normality.

Think how many times you set out on New Years day with some heartfelt commitment about losing weight or stopping smoking.

Fast forward a few days and all your best intentions lie in tatters, which clearly illustrates the need to change the inner mind and, essentially make it our slave not let it be  our master!!!

I can recommend many great authors but. today I will give you two of the most prominent authors Bob Proctor and Dr,Joe Vitale .

Both were contributors to The Secret which outlined the Law of Attraction and are recognised specialists in the power of the mind.

Just Google the names and look at their amazing books and CDs.

Warmest regards to you all,and be what you want to be with the power of positive thought!


Thursday, 17 June 2010

I hope you are enjoying my site

I do hope you are enjoying my site and, I  have done my best to try to provide valuable information to date.

I value any opinions you have and would be pleased to look into any area regarding health and well being.

I have for some time now been using a number of positive thought ideas and, I am constantly amazed at the benefits of relaxation and meditation products I have used in recent years.

Until recently I had always thought of these ideas as some kind of Hocus Pocus and, have finally realised that these products can and do have amazing effects on how I now view things, that once upon a time had me fearful and depressed.

In short I now believe a little positivity of mind can achieve almost anything !

One very notable documentented instance of the power of the mind was of a woman in Hawii, who overcame brain cancer using these techniques.

Thought provoking to say the very least and, certainly food for thought.

Thank you for coming back

I am currently looking into more specialised weight loss products but wanted to touch upon a related health issue.

I understand many of you are looking to lose excess weight because of painful joints, especially knee and hip joints which carry extra strain due to extra weight.

It was certainly a factor in my own life as I had the added problem of osteo-arthritis.

I found two things that helped one was obviously losing the weight to reduce strain on the affected joints, the second was the discovery of a supplement that allowed cartilage to regrow and attract nutrients.

I discovered this supplement after years of painful joints moreover, I used the power of silver surfing to discover a then groundbreaking discovery.

A Greek specialist in Australia had just completed tests on his patients using a mixture of Clucosamine sulphate and Chondroitin which he explained helped healthy regrowth of cartilage between the joints.

I hunted all over to find a supply of this supplement and, at that time,had to get supplies from overseas.

Today you can go into your local health food store or even most supermarkets and pick up this wonderful supplement along with your weekly groceries.

It certainly helped me with my mobility issues and like all supplements it does take a little time to build up in the body but, it is well worth the wait!

Take a look at the health products next time you shop cost is approx £6 per months supply and, to my mind worth every penny or cent for my US friends.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Here is the product I used------this is excellent!

Hi again,
I did not find losing my flabby bits easy and, at 57 years old I had all but given up.I suffer from osteo-arthritis which resulted from a serious motoring accident some 28 years ago now.
Recently I have started to have difficulty with my back and knees and this needed a solution.I am too young to let life pass me by and decided finally to track down an alternative to the many yo yo diets I have tried in the past.
In short I decided it was time to look outside of all the dieting industry which has lets face it a desire to keep us all fat so they make money with their diet products.
What I discovered was that I needed to re-educate my eating patterns which, allowed me to finally lose over 56lbs and get the spring back in my step I so badly needed.I can wholeheartedly recommend this product as it is by far the lowest cost I have ever seen and clearly, from my own experience this works amazingly well.
Give this a try and I am sure you will thank me for it!
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Hope to hear your success story in the very near future!

Warmest regards

Welcome to my best health products review blog

Hi and welcome,
The aim of this blog is to provide the best information on health issues especially with regard to weight loss.I have discovered some very unusual weight loss ideas in my personal quest to lose my own unwanted fat.
I do hope that the information you find here helps you in your quest for better all round health.I will endeavor to include only the most relevant information and where necessary recommend solutions to your concerns.

Warmest regards