Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thank you for coming back

I am currently looking into more specialised weight loss products but wanted to touch upon a related health issue.

I understand many of you are looking to lose excess weight because of painful joints, especially knee and hip joints which carry extra strain due to extra weight.

It was certainly a factor in my own life as I had the added problem of osteo-arthritis.

I found two things that helped one was obviously losing the weight to reduce strain on the affected joints, the second was the discovery of a supplement that allowed cartilage to regrow and attract nutrients.

I discovered this supplement after years of painful joints moreover, I used the power of silver surfing to discover a then groundbreaking discovery.

A Greek specialist in Australia had just completed tests on his patients using a mixture of Clucosamine sulphate and Chondroitin which he explained helped healthy regrowth of cartilage between the joints.

I hunted all over to find a supply of this supplement and, at that time,had to get supplies from overseas.

Today you can go into your local health food store or even most supermarkets and pick up this wonderful supplement along with your weekly groceries.

It certainly helped me with my mobility issues and like all supplements it does take a little time to build up in the body but, it is well worth the wait!

Take a look at the health products next time you shop cost is approx £6 per months supply and, to my mind worth every penny or cent for my US friends.

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